On 1 April 1999, members of the 177th Military-Territorial Detachment killed 48 Kosovo Albanian civilians. The remains of 29 victims from Lubeniq, the youngest being 15 and the oldest being 87 years old, were found at Batajnica.

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At about 7:00 a.m., members of Jackals (Šakali), a unit of the 177th Pejë Military-Territorial Detachment Peć subordinated to the Yugoslav Army
(VJ) 125th Motorised Brigade, and members of local territorial defence unit jointly entered Lubeniq and, divided into four groups, forced local civilians to leave their houses. Shortly afterwards, there were several hundred villagers gathered outside the village mosque. The soldiers kept 50 men, ordering the women and children to leave for Albania.   

One of the soldiers asked the separated men who had torched Albanian houses in the vicinity. A man standing closest to him said that it was the police, after which the soldier shot him dead with his automatic rifle.   

“You've killed the man without letting him finish the sentence”, a man from the group of civilians dared to say.

“Who are you to tell me whom I should kill”, the soldier snapped angrily and fired several shots at the man.  

All the men were then ordered to lie down on the ground, while the soldiers cursed their “Albanian mothers“. The soldiers then fired burst of automatic gunfire into the men. The shooting continued for several minutes, after which the soldiers walked over the pile of bodies shooting those still showing signs of life.



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father's name

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date of incident

1ADEMBUSHATIISUF21.08.1932Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
2ADEMHARADINAJSADIK23.10.1932Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
3BAJRAMBOBIREXHE01.01.1936Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
4BAJRAMBUSHATISALIH05.03.1962Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
5BEKËBOBIREXHE01.01.1934Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
6FEHMIHUSKAJSHABAN01.01.1981Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
7GANISHOSHIDIN04.04.1976Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
8GEZIMAVDULLAHAJDEME24.04.1984Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
9HARADINHUSKAJJAHE23.03.1958Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
10HAXHIALIMEHAJMUSTAFE24.09.1947Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
11ILIRLOKAJSOKOL26.06.1956Vitina/Viti, opština Vitina/Viti4/1/99
12KADRIJAHMURATAJSADIK25.05.1912Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
13MUSAJAHMURATAJSADIK20.10.1930Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
14NAIMHUSKAJHIME12.10.1957Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
15NEKEHUSKAJSELMAN28.06.1940Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
16OSMANHUSKAJHARADIN21.05.1965Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
17RAMËAVDULLAHAJALI15.01.1964Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
18RAMËHUSKAJSADIK28.03.1935Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
19RAMËUKSHINAJBINAK01.08.1952Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
20REXHËREXHAJHASAN15.03.1952Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
21RRUSTEMALIMEHAJMALE01.01.1950Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
22RUZHDIUKSHINAJQERIM24.12.1965Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
23SELIMHAMZAJSADIK31.05.1935Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
24SHABANALIMEHAJISUF03.11.1933Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
25SHABANALIMEHAJLAHE01.01.1958Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
26SMAJLBUSHATIISUF12.07.1937Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
27TAFILHUSKAJHARADIN10.06.1981Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
28UKËBUSHATIHAJDAR12.12.1952Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99
29XHAVITHAMZAJJASHAR20.10.1975Ljubenić/Lubeniq, opština Peć/Pejë4/1/99